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About Us

   When selecting tops we offer over 100 hand picked exotic colors from all around the world. Many of them are hand picked by the owner of the company. His goal is to bring to you the most beautiful, exotic colors the world has to offer.
   We also are proud to offer Caesar Stone, the first engineered quartz surface. With durability close to that of natural stone it is also an excellent choice for kitchen tops.
   Our cabinet showroom offers six different cabinet lines. The lines include Nat-Beech, Wellbourne Forest, Prestige, Cornerstone, JSI and Designers Choice. They offer dovetailed drawers, all wood boxes, UV and Thermafoil finishes and many other desired choices. Prestige Cabinets a high quality semi-custom all-wood cabinet with a patented UV finish, alone offers 2,200 different combinations, which many times is priced below the lower quality cabinets the home centers offer.
   We offer an entire line of Sinks and Faucets. With Kohler, Elkay, Moen and Grohe to choice from you can rest assured you will never have a drippy faucet.
   Also offered at our showroom is a wide range of flooring in ceramic, porcelain and stone. With famous names in ceramic and porcelain such as Tagina and Magica and virtually every stone tile available at request, we deliver to you the best quality at rock bottom prices.

   Through the four generations of our family working in the stone business we have perfected our craftsmanship. Since many of our employees are members of the family and the rest with our company for many years, we take personal pride in each completed kitchen.
   From start to finish each kitchen undergoes many quality control checks. From the start every slab that comes in is inspected for open fissures (small cracks) and unsightly marking. If any are found, these slabs are rejected and sent back to the quarry, instead of being kept for a discount.
   Once the slab moves into the fabrication facility our skilled craftsmen that have been with us for many years begin to fabricate your job. Once it is completed the shop foreman and manager inspect it and once it has passed we load it for install.
   Once at install date all pieces are put in place and a final rundown is performed by the install manager and you have a beautiful new granite kitchen!

   Most granite fabricators buy their slabs from independent slab importers. Here at Prestige we import our colors directly from many countries around the world, effectively cutting out the middle man.
   We have also been at the same location for the past 40yrs. Our property, plant, stock, and equipment are all paid for. Therefore we have virtually no overhead which makes able to deliver the lowest prices to you.
   For complete kitchen renovations we offer excellent package pricing. If you need tops, cabinets, tile, sinks and faucets we can provide you with them all from 5-50% below the competition!


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