Cabinetry Line

The purchase of Cabinetry may as well be one of the major investments for your home. The average American only makes this decision once or twice in their lifetime. The information provided attempts to help you with wood selection , while shedding some light on the issues of buying a product that is made of real wood. The intent of this information is to be factual and reasonably objective. We want to inform you of all of the issues, both pro's and con's, of buying real wood. You may find issues that are objectionable.

Prestige has been producing quality all wood cabinets since 1967. Their products are backed by years of experience and an excellent warranty. Prestige offers one of the best values in the industry for an all wood cabinet. All components for cabinets cases and doors are built in-house. Prestige operates its own rough mill and is never dependent on another supplier. This insures quality, price and delivery. [Read more...]

Wellborn ForestsAt Wellborn Forest, they are dedicated to creating superior products at affordable prices. They not only take pride in their level of craftsmanship, they are also dedicated to innovative product design and a State-of-the-art finishing process. It's cabinetry you can count on and enjoy for many years to com. They guarantee it. It's important to them, because there building your dream and their reputation. [Read more...]

Designers ChoiceDesigners choice has been making quality cabinets for almost a quarter of a century. They have been, and will continue to be innovative, keeping up with the latest trends and technology. Designers choice name continues to emerge as one of the top choices of customers desiring affordable and functional kitchen, bath and closet cabinetry .Designers Choice offers thermo foil with furniture board construction and also offers wood doors with all wood construction. Designers Choice offers 36 different door styles in 17 thermo foil colors and 19 all wood colors. [Read more...]

Since the beginning of the company in 1997, JSI has had one clear objective: To offer the best value in the kitchen and bath industry. Meeting this goal will always be their first priority. They continue to analyze and review market trends to determine what product they will introduce next. JSI offers an all wood kitchen line that features solid 3" frames, doors and drawers, as well as solid panels on all styles. [Read more...]

Nat-BeechIt is our pleasure to introduce you to a high quality European beech solid wood kitchen cabinets imported from China. Being the sole importer and distributor, they do not make inferior product at a low price. Instead, they make high quality and compatible products at a reasonable price. Our kitchen cabinets are structured with 1" plywood construction, 3" shelving veneer on both sides, veneer door front and solid wood frame strongly assembled by metal clip. There are three different color to choose from cherry, wheat and pickle.


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