1. When you decide to upgrade your countertops and need a price you have a couple of different options
    • You can fax over your layout to 1(201) 991 7373. You will need to draw out the shape of your kitchen countertop and give the measurements corner to corner. Also mark with an X what sides need a finished edge. Please include if known what edge you would like, backsplash (if needed) and the type of edge. Do not forget to include a name and number you can be reached at.
    • You can also email over a layout. If you email a drawing include all of the same information that is needed in a fax. If you are not able to send a drawing we need the measurements of all the pieces. Also include which side needs a finished edge and backsplash (if needed).
    • The final and best option is to come down to our stone yard. Here you can view the full slabs of granite we offer over 100 colors in thousands of slabs. They are all handpicked and imported from around the world. You can also pick from our quartz surfacing selection we offer a wide variety including Ceasar Stone, Silestone and Cambria.
      Although much of our stock is shown online colors are always more gorgeous when viewed in person due to the fact picture quality is lost when uploaded. Also new colors are not immediately posted so there is always more than what you see.
      When you arrive we will be assist you in picking out a material for you countertops. When you come to our slab yard bring as much as you can. Some examples are a cabinet sample (a draw is fine), samples of the paint on the walls and also a floor tile. Bringing these items will help in your decision in choosing which material matches best.
  2. After you choose the material that is best suited for you the next process is to schedule a template appointment. In order to do this you need to leave a deposit payable in cash, certified check or personal check. Please have all of the following completed before template.
    • All cabinets must be installed and appliances that are touching the granite must also be installed
    • If you are buying a full backsplash all overhead appliances must be installed.
    • If you bought an undermount sink have it for the templater to bring back to the shop. If you do not have it time of template it will have to be delivered to our shop before cutting is done.
    • At the template an additional deposit is required. The template will be brought to the shop and the price confirmed (it will the same unless it deviates from the original- drawing given to us). You may than contact us the next business day for an install date.
  3. The install is the final step in the process. At this time the final payment is required.
    • If you have pre-existing countertops we will remove them remove them free of charge. At the job site they will be cut into smaller pieces so that you garbage collector will take it.
    • Have all the items that need holes to be cut at the jobsite. This includes drop in sinks, faucets and cooktops. All major cutting will be done outside.


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