At Wellborn Forest, they are dedicated to creating superior products at affordable prices. They not only take pride in their level of craftsmanship, they are also dedicated to innovative product design and a State-of-the-art finishing process. It's cabinetry you can count on and enjoy for many years to com. They guarantee it. It's important to them, because there building your dream and their reputation. Wellborn Forest offers a variety of finishes, ranging from the light, natural appearance of Wheat to the warm, richness of Amber. Their selection of standard finishes enhances the natural characteristics of the hardwood and hardwood veneers used in their cabinetry. These attributes are considered the "beauty of wood". Wellborn Forest also offers finishes that mimic antique, weathered, old-world finishes. These hand-wiped custom finishes offer a contrasting color over a base to accentuate the natural characteristics of wood. Color saturation will vary by wood species, by door, by profile, by stain and by glaze color and especially by how much glaze is removed. Wellborne Forest offers 6 standard finishes and 11 custom finish glazes in over 39 different door styles are available in oak, maple and cherry. In addition the spice collection offers 13 different finishes available on maple and oak.



For more information about Wellborn Forest cabinets please visit the Wellborn Forest website.


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